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DotNetNuke 4.3x provider using LDAP directory

I developed this alternate provider to make DotNetNuke a viable portal package for non-Active Directory environments.

<update> 5/6/08 - Reminder - this package will only work on DNN vintage 4.3.x (+/-) versions, it will not work with the latest DNN 4.6+ authentication provider model. Based on my full time work, desire to spend time on my sailboat, and vacation plans for the summer, it's unlikely that I will work on updating the provider in the foreseeable future. Anyone familiar with LDAP and skilled in core DNN development is free to take the code and adapt it if they wish.</update>

<update> - I heard from the DNN core group in late July that they are redeveloping the authentication provider framework and would be considering the LDAP provider as one of the supported included providers. If you are at all interested in seeing an LDAP provider included in the core DNN system, please post some interest in the AD Project forum. Thanks.</update>

The code is not currently being actively developed. It has been presented to the AD core team but since there is little community demand to have this incorporated into the core DNN code, I don't expect that to happen.

I first released this code in October, 2006. Approximately 6 people expressed interest in the provider and downloaded the code. To date (7/3/07), I'm not aware of anyone that has this working in their own environment and no one has communicated with me with any technical questions.

The provider has been tested against Fedora Directory Server running on Fedora Core 5 and the sample code is setup for that LDAP user/group schema.

A customized version of the code is being used in production against an IBM/Tivoli LDAP server in an educational environment quite successfully.

To be used in your environment, modification of the code may be required to work with the object and container classes in use in your schema.

Toby Kraft

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